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4/28/09 10:01 am - Garden notes '09

If you garden, I hope you'll post a similar thing listing all you've planted, all that you grow, I would love to read it!

This year I'm done with all the experimentation of previous years, going with what is tried and true and cost-effective. I read that the most money-saving things to grow at home are fruit trees, lettuces, herbs, zucchini and any vine vegetables, and berries. That's what I'm doing, along with kales and edible flowers.


Planted 09

23 strawberries, Alpine, some might be something else, everbearing and maybe some june-bearing I don't remember, 20 of them crowns
(we have 20 plants alive from last year, flowering now end of april)
43 strawberry plants, if the crowns work out. Thirty are enough for a family of 4. Twenty-three plants alive if the crowns die or don't produce this year.
Slim, tiny carrots carelessly sown in fall surprisingly took in late winter, among the strawberries, we'll see how they do.

Zucchini in the bed it was in last year: black beauty & another variety. I may plant the huge Italian one later, elsewhere. Garlic coming up in the zuke bed.

Lots of red beets seeded in the salad circle. Rutabaga sowed there too, and salad again, red sorrel is already, and johnny jump ups sown too thickly.
That circle is going to be crowded. I may put johnny jump ups in the old parsnip pot, one small parsnip overwintered.

Marketmore cukes all through the main shady bed, and more salad there this year. Parsley's coming up everywhere in there, and one fennel reseeded, which is nice, to feed the monarch caterpillars again, they claim it completely. I'd like to sow my bulk fennel seed (bought as food) in some wild area of the yard to give them more.

Borage seeded through the strawberry beds.

Calendula in the sunnier parts of the shady bed.

Nasturtiums on the chicken wire fence
2 cukes also on the fence: mideast prolific and Japanese straight burpless.

Plenty of red ursa kales, lacinato and curly green kales are coming up in all the usual places.

Yellow crookneck summer squash around the chicken wire fence area

Artichokes down in the wild past the comfrey patch, we'll see (about 5 or 6, plenty of room and hopefully enough sun, pure black soil)

Rosemaries (2, very small, not cheap) in the old hanging tomato garden which has now become an herb thing, as well as basil and parsley, already showing lamb's quarters babies

Sage, chives, and tarragon in the salad circle

Canteloupes / muskmelon (sharon?) in the empty part of the strawberry bed

Purslane in the wild area along the ground above the strawberry bed

Large leaf purslane in the shady bed, we'll see if it works

A new carelessly sown wildflower area along the top fence by the beauty bush, all blue mix of flowers, with morning glories on the fence

I'd like more onions, leeks and scallions, I buy so many of them and go through them fast.

Already in the garden from last year & not mentioned so far:
My lovage is looking big and robust, I plan to move Jason's next to mine, better sun. Roses are already covered in leaves. Everything is early.
A leek budding, hopefully to go to seed at a good time, the bleeding heart is in flower.

Blueberries and raspberries looking bigger, and a few more blackberry canes this year. Lots of chickweed, on every northwest side bed. Bigger daylily patch, good: I will eat all the buds like string beans. Horsetail, and across the way, my sweetie cleavers already starting, lots of tea.

Peppermint and greek oregano expected to return but may need help as it's shadier there now. I'm thinking of planting fenugreek with seed sold in bulk from the herb section of the co-op. Will harvest red clover for tea this year.

The wild roses are taking over the northeast part but I've started taking their tiny red hips in fall for tea. Hopefully the fox grapes will be healthier this year after its pruning, maybe more fruit less leaf and no galls. Mugwort's coming back in force and will take over the shed area if allowed. Too many little bulbs reproduced too far until they've covered the hill with just their grass, no flowers: when I move I will steal 3/4 of them, enough to fill a yard, and no one will ever know. I'll also take plenty of the irises. Peonies and stargazer lilies are about a foot high and won't go until June. I want to move the stargazer lilies where they'll have more sun, but who knows where.

It's all awash in violets now, white and purple, in a lavender haze of ground ivy, with clumps of grape hyacinth here & there. Beautiful.

2/9/09 09:20 pm - TED Conference: Elizabeth Gilbert: A different way to think about genius

12/12/08 04:13 pm - BIG full moon tonight -- go see the sky show!

...hasn't appeared this big since 1993:


12/8/08 10:16 am - GLOBAL ORGASM


WHO? All Men and Women, you and everyone you know.

WHERE? Everywhere in the world, but especially in countries with weapons of mass destruction and places where violence is used in place of mediation.

WHEN? Solstice Day - Sunday, December 21, 2008 (Solstice Day) at 12:04 Universal Time (GMT)

WHY? To effect positive change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible instantaneous surge of human biological, mental and spiritual energy.

via prisbatty (how do you like that, prisbatty: GLOBAL ORGASM via YOU, oh my!)

11/5/08 10:05 am

Manze Dayila, via alphito
enjoy some good music & pictures and dance around! :D

There was dancing in the streets in our town last night!


Read more...Collapse )

10/13/08 06:16 pm - My LJ friends: I appreciate you guys

Recently (last night?) I got the I Ching line, "You gather friends about you like a hair clasp gathers the hair" -- I can feel it.

Thanks for the help lately, it made this song spring to mind...

(Beatles version or spazzy, lo-fi but cone-raising Joe Cocker version)


8/26/08 02:24 am - making coconut yogurt tonight: disastrous 1st attempt

The intention was as per


...except I also added (unsweetened) pectin. Mistake. Little globs of unincorporated pectin remained, stir as I might. I couldn't toss it in the blender because it hadn't been pre-sterilized, and time ran out (temperature-wise), so I had to just go on with the probiotics and go for it. When I put it in the jars I tried to avoid pectin globs but I'm sure some are in there.

I WILL master this coconut yogurt thing.

Besides the probiotics, coconut contains caprylic acid (also very beneficial).


Just kidding, really, I hope we will like unsweetened coconut.

p.s. I surely just ruined the probiotics in one of the jars by sticking my fingertip in it to see if it set. Brilliant.

update, next morning: The Disaster is complete. I have never seen anything bubble itself entirely out of a jar in one bubble like that before. The whole house is somewhat pleasantly scented by burnt coconut, and I may have ruined a pot, only time will tell.

8/18/08 09:57 pm


8/16/08 11:04 am - Rolling Thunder for Oberon Zell to start 9 pm TONIGHT

and to last 48 hours


remember, the more you exercise your psi healing 'muscles' the more readily available and strong they are for your personal / private use... the freer the outgoing flow, the freer the incoming flow...

8/11/08 08:10 pm - that's me :)


I submitted work for Ed Dames' consideration today, and he hired me :D
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